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About Us

The idea for Wedding Suppliers Near Me came at a recent school reunion when a number of us were discussing our wedding plans and the frustrations we found in trying to find local quality wedding suppliers.

We then spoke to wedding suppliers about their needs when it come to advertising their business and as such wedding suppliers near me was created.

Visitors don’t need to sign in using Facebook or any other methods, every enquiry goes direct to the business owner and as each business is paying to advertise every website visitor can be sure the information is up to date.

Businesses pay a small monthly fee to advertise so they keep their information up to date and they are free to pause/cancel their advertising at any time. All enquiries go direct to the business and by having links to their social media accounts businesses are getting new likes and follows from their target market.

We would welcome your feedback on the layout of the website along with any other features that you think the site should have.

Happy planning

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